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About The Owner


A little about The Owner


Bunny has worked in various forms of bookkeeping.  Whether it was working in corporate, in her own commercial embroidery business or doing bookkeeping for small businesses she has done accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations in a wide range of industries. 

Some of the industries I have worked in:

               Not for Profit
               Plumbing businesses
               Electrical businesses
               Small construction
              Technical businesses

to just name a few.  

I understand what it takes to run a business and the importance of good bookkeeping to stay on top of your financial health.  I want to help you to create the best tax scenario possible and let you know from day to day where you stand in your business financially.

 Experts You Can Count Upon

We know what your business needs to run smoothly

Our staff of experts at bookkeeping know what it takes to be tax compliant. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll always get the work you need.

We can answer your questions

Running a business can bring up more questions than answers. That’s why we are the professionals you can rely upon to answer any questions you may have.

We can grow with your business

Your bookkeeping needs will evolve over time. Our fiduciary relationship ensures that you have someone to stay on top of these changes and provide the support you need.

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